The GOAT h-self. Of the people, for the people, by sortition.
An outline for a film about a pair of budding young entrepreneurs who disrupt the age-old relationship between people and dogs by launching a K9-lending…
Storm. Flood. Wreck. Dilemma: stick it out or move on?
I call myself a playwright. I love the word wright - it's so strange. It feels like it should be spelled ‘write’, right? What is a ‘wright’?
As ruthlessly suppressed by the Dereham Times.
My new play recreates the meal, toasts, speeches and songs from the Canterbury Club's celebration of Shackleton and his crew on the eve of their…
A short film I wrote is about to shoot in London.
The Best of All Possible Worlds! My first cliffhanger. An outline of a modern adaptation of Candide by Voltaire, me and Geoff Pinfield that was…
Spring 2002. Me and my great mate Piri Rewa take a trip to the Catlins to call in on Hone Tuwhare. The poet. THE poet.
Here's the outline for a haptic dance party. My stage adaptation of the 2004 film "It's All Gone Pete Tong" - the legend of a DJ who loses his hearing…
It takes a cohort of fractional fathers to raise a child.
In which we meet a young empire-builder taking his first step on the colonial ladder.