A highlight of our long, dark country winter was the magical manifestation of a flock of sheep in the field behind our house.
An Open Letter to the Lord Bishop of Ely, Stephen David Conway. As ruthlessly suppressed by the Dereham & Fakenham Times (again...).
Crito: a dialogue by PlatoEscucha ahora (38 min) | With Stuart Devenie as Socrates in Plato's great dialogue - out loud.
I'm going to take you on a walk and talk to explore a new writing style (and experience a brief encounter with 5000 guinea pigs)
Zoo StoryListen now (48 min) | A play out loud with me and David Meyer.
I record a Voice of Gallipoli with my old mate. In a miraculous moment, history rhymes and past and present look each other in the eye.
My short film is screening all over the world simultaneously. It's forced me to get creative about solving the problem of presence.
In which I take a trip to the RAF Club in Piccadilly to debut Voices of Gallipoli.
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