In which I take a trip to the RAF Club in Piccadilly to debut Voices of Gallipoli.

September 2022

An international project of remembrance.
Unsolicited life lessons and an apt collective noun.
The Lonesome Buckwhips - AftermathListen now (44 min) | The story of the astoundingly successful album that made New Zealand Police the world's richest law enforcement agency thanks to…

August 2022

The Lonesome Buckwhips - Live at the Gold Guitars Listen now | The Lonesome Buckwhips' notorious performance at the Gold Guitars in Gore, and their confrontation with iconic Kiwi singer/songwriter Barry…
The Lonesome Buckwhips - Life After DeathListen now (37 min) | Unprecedented access to the lively events of the family band's 'dead period'.
The Lonesome Buckwhips - On the Road AgainListen now (37 min) | Gary Buckwhip escapes from prison in the South Island, leading to a band reunion, an overseas tour to the North Island, and the…

July 2022

In which I mine my source material to unearth the building blocks of my short story.
Who Hath Stolen our Saint?Listen now | I’m adapting a local tale into a short story. I’d like to invite you to accompany me on the journey from inspiration to perspiration to…

June 2022

Voices of Gallipoli: Out LoudListen now | I’d like to institute a new oral tradition: the public reading of veterans’ personal war testimonies as a way to remember their service and…
We're not audiences, we're vidiences. It's cramping my style, and your experience.

May 2022

A memorial plaque on a park bench, Bury St Edmund’s Abbey, November 2021